Sri Lanka: the last week

My third and last week in Sri Lanka was pretty stress less. That’s the least I could say!

6 days in Mirissa, on the South coast of the island

a little Paradise on Earth, even though Teresa and Cailin said there was a much better place a little East, with beautiful beaches and less tourists.

To me, Mirissa was perfect.

I went a few hours to Weligama, 5 km West. Nothing much to see there I think. The beach is nice but dirty. Local fishermen would only pretend to fish, standing on stick, if you give them money.

On Wednesday, Sue, Georgie, Sophia and I went to Galle, 30 km away. The old part of the city is very touristic, with many restaurants and souvenir shops. You can see more foreigners than locals. The weather wasn’t really good that day so we were happy to do some shopping.

We almost died at least 3 times on the way as we took local buses and they are just completely nuts! Driving very fast and passing other cars while turning etc. Many pedestrians die as there are no sidewalks. In 2016, statistics say that 1 person dies and 2 are severely injured every 3h30 on Sri Lankan roads!

And I take back what I’ve said about massages in Sri Lanka… I had the best massage of my life in Mirissa. « Badora Spa ». they are n°1 on TripAdvisor and I can clearly see why! I’ve spent 90 min of pure bliss.

On the first day, at the guest house, I’ve met 2 more Australians. They call me the Australian magnet! Dash and Prudence, a brother and a sister. So I basically spent my last week with Aussies. We would meet for dinner at a fish place (I loved the Barracuda at the Mirissa Eye) or an Indian restaurant or around roties (crepes).

I spent my last morning swimming with giant sea turtles and Aussies. Just in front of the hotel. Great way to say goodbye!

Of course, my phone didn’t like that last activity so much. Too much emotions for it…

I’m going to stay longer than expected in Australia after all! I thought I would only visit Adelaide and my friend there, but now I will add Melbourne and Sydney! I can’t wait to see them again; it was great to travel together.

On the way back from Galle, a Sri Lankan man told me that there are less tourists now than before and asked me if I had any idea on why?

Apart from the fact that people have now less money to travel, I think Sri Lanka should learn how to welcome tourists a little better.

  • They built guest houses and hotels everywhere, but without thinking… the only Guest house I’ve been to that was really thought about was the « Banana Garden » in Mirissa. But the owner is French… there were details that made the difference. For instance, the switches where close to the bed, as well as the plugs with USB ones. Very smart. The WIFI was good, breakfast really nice and the rooms very clean and without mold.
  • There is also the Tuk Tuk problem. They are more than a pain in the a**. You always have to bargain and often end up fighting to just get a decent price. They would install meters on them, the problem would be solved and personally, I would have taken more of them. I ended up taking the local buses a lot because at the end, less struggle. To know that you will have to spend so much time just to make sure the guy is not charging you too much gets very tiring after a while. And drivers can quickly become aggressive. I have to admit that I didn’t feel safe many times after dark. Traveling solo was probably the main reason though. The country is amazingly beautiful, 90% of the people are really nice and friendly, but the 10% left end up making the difference. Many men are persistent and annoying and can become aggressive pretty easily.
  • Also, the fact that tourists have to pay SO much to visit some places (Sigirya, Pollonaruwa etc) is becoming a problem. I’ve talked to quite a few and they are fed up with this. We get tired to be a wallet on legs. I would be ok to pay more than local people, but when they pay around 100 Rs, we pay 5000Rs. This is insane.

So, as a summary, I really liked my trip to Sri Lanka but that wasn’t a heart-stopper as Cambodia or Cuba were to me.

I would also personally not recommend for a solo female to visit that country. But if you’re 2 and even better with a man, then that country could become a favorite.

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