From Kolkata to Bangkok

That’s it, I’ve left India…

I left Mumbai on jan 6th. Reshma and her Mom took me to the airport. It was very emotional saying goodbye to them. I don’t know when I’ll see them again.

After a 2h30 flight, I arrive in Kolkata to stay there 4 days… or at least that was the plan. My hotel was really bad and it was soooo cold! I almost didn’t sleep that night.

So I woke up early to explore the city. But I didn’t understand it. Or maybe I was expecting something else… anyway, I didn’t like it.

It is a poor and dirty city, as if something was holding it to the past. I felt I was back in Pondicherry some 20 years ago. As if Kolkata refused to jump on the modernity train. They are not many youth, mainly elderly people. Apparently, the young ones leave the city to look for jobs. Kolkata is a self-proclaimed intellectual city and therefore refuses modernity. Coming from Mumbai, it was a chock!

And maybe traveling in India without Reshma wasn’t that fun anyway.

So I called Philippe and Won, my friends in Bangkok to change my plans and go there the next day.

After another really cold and uncomfortable night, I took the plane and got there at 3pm.

I loved the city right away! The atmosphere, the people. It is a huge city with buildings everywhere and traffic but I was happy to get there. My first time in Thailand ever.

Philippe & Won live on Sukhumvit, the expats block.

Rapha, their son being at school and Philippe on a business trip to Singapore, Won and Button, the French poodle, greeted me.

It is winter here, but the temperature doesn’t go lower than 80°F/27°C during the day, which makes it very nice. It easily goes up to 104°F/40°C from April on!

I didn’t do much this past week, apart from a touristic day around the Royal Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

I went there by bus. Took me about 1h in traffic but I liked the ride. I first had to jump into the bus as nobody understood what I wanted…

The Royal Palace is beautiful, but VERY touristic! Especially by thousands of Chinese. Chinese tourists not being the nicest people on Erath! They push, yell, burp and spit… just perfect!

But, thankfully, they only have 10 days to visit all South East Asia, so after the Royal Palace, they went back to their buses, so the visit of the Wats (temples) were quiet and nice. I then took a boat to a subway. Nice little ride on the river.

Other than that, I followed Won around in the neighborhood or stayed home with a good book or planning my next steps into the World. Quiet week, very pleasant.

I’m not worried that I didn’t see much yet as Bangkok will be my pied-à-terre for the next 9 months. Once in South East Asia, flights from and to Bangkok are around 100USD and you don’t need a visa if you stay less than 30 days in Thailand.

When I come back from Myanmar, Won and I decided to do all the touristic things in and around Bangkok. Even though she’s been living here for 1 year now; she hasn’t had the time to visit much.

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